The Academy of Business and Finance (AOBF) has a reputation of student success. As a student in the academy, you learn to thrive as young business professionals and technology wizards in high school and in your chosen careers. You are among more than 23,000 academy students across the country planning for a college and career in the ever-growing business and finance world. Students that are following the AOBF Business Track will study the key fundamentals of technology, business administration, management, marketing, and other options for starting a career. Students following the Finance Track study careers in financial planning, banking, accounting, entrepreneurship, and international business. Academy students will have completed three years of career preparation along with other related experiences such as dual enrollment for college credit, professional credentialing, job shadowing, mock interviews, résumé writing, and paid internships. In the academy your skills can be applied to gain a professional career directly following high school or continuing into college.

PREREQUISITES: 9th Grade – Career Preparedness | ENROLLMENT STARTING GRADE: 10th



You start with experiences in the Freshman Academy and courses in Career Preparedness to begin the exploration of college and careers. You officially apply for admissions in the AOBF during the second semester of the freshman year.


In your first official year, you are introduced to a whole new set of tools with Advanced Business Technology Applications. Learn computer skills, publication, basic web page, and social media development. If you’re on the Finance track, you will explore the role of technology in finance careers and businesses across world markets.


As a Business student, you are introduced to Multimedia Design. This is where you begin to learn business management operations, marketing, website publishing, software management, and advanced technology. If finance is where you want to focus, you are introduced to the principles of accounting, financial services, and explore entrepreneurial career opportunities.


Now, the material becomes more complex as you begin to frame what you learned your junior year in terms of Multimedia Design, entrepreneurship, accounting, or banking related services. Depending on whether you are on the Business Management track or the Accounting track, you will now have the opportunity to experience your career first hand and study Entrepreneurship, the world of small business. Learn how these businesses are started and what it takes to make them grow.

When you graduate from the AOBF, you have the tools you need either to move straight into work in the business community, or continue to pursue your career further by attending college.